Flavor from fire is our creed, we love good food and pizza from our wood-burning ovens.

Enjoy it as you like it when you like it and where you like it. We are open to serve you day in and day out. Forever experimenting to bring you the best our kitchen can offer.

Crust your gut!

Urban Crust Brand

We use the finest ingredients and employ the best team to bring you your Urban Crust on point. Service is where we excel with innovation and great flavours. Our brand focuses on flavour from fire and we are creative with urban slang for our street food menu. With our trendy designs of our sit-down and takeout stores, you will feel the vibe.

Our menu offers the best in stone-ground thin based pizza with a selection of gluten-free, cauliflower and zucchini bases wood-fired oven baked for the best flavour of ingredients and crust. The famous Uncrustables with our pasta of choice being gnocchi and penne with slow-cooked bolognaise and quattro formagi are the most popular choices.

Our menu is filled with innovation and worked to bring you the likes of packed Paninis, juicy homemade burgers, and Urban salads in a jar great for on the go!

Our flavour from fire Urban Chic oven-roasted chicken with caramelized onions and potatoes wedges, slow-cooked BBQ beef and pork ribs are an underground secret that is mouth-watering and you will come back for more and more and more …

For your sweet tooth, we have artisanal pastries and real Italian Gelato

Not all stores are licensed this is dependent on the location but if it is let the party continue!

Store approximate setup costs

The investment requirements are VAT exclusive. Indicative and varies depending on factors such as existing kitchen infrastructure, venue, and operating costs and will be determined during the financial planning phase of the pre-operational project.

Preliminary application to approval

  1. Request an application form and complete in full
  2. A non-refundable preliminary application fee of R5000 (excl. VAT) is then payable by the applicant. The applicant will receive the welcome pack that includes an NDA, franchisee agreement, and letter of approval
  3. You will attend a franchise orientation session with our directors and operations team too, discuss the license and answer any questions you may have.
  4. Once you have the welcome pack please ensure you take the relevant legal advice and financial advice on the business opportunity for an Urban Crust.
  5. Please address any questions regarding the Urban Crust business opportunity in writing to us so that we can take the necessary steps before you make any further decisions.

Approval to business planning

A once off, non -refundable fee of R15000 (excl. VAT) is required to start the financial application and business planning service. This includes but is not limited to Business Structure and set up, venue selection, marketing plan and financial planning and financial assumption of your Urban Crust

Joining fees

Marketing fees

3% of gross sales contribution per month to the national marketing fund, subject to a minimum of R2000 per month

60% of this amount is managed by Urban Crust and goes to centralized digital and social media spend in the franchisees area. 40% of this amount is spend directly by the franchisee on community and marketing.


What is
Crust Station?

Giving new meaning to pizza in a box, our Crust Stations is our container / express store business model suitable for any entrepreneur who does not want to be boxed into a fixed site. The Crust Station Containers is a movable asset offering a viable ROI with a low capex entry level. Designed for efficiency this is a lock up a go business with all the knowledge and know-how from experienced operators.

A less-movable option, e.g. our express model, provides best of both worlds requiring low floor space and capex while at a fixed site location. Typically collocated within another retail space.

Crust Stations are designed for enterprise entrepreneurial development in line with government policy of:

  • Mentorship for young black business startups
  • Growth business in a box
  • Much needed job creation
  • Skills development
  • Effective support programs
  • Co-operative business model / educational system
  • Above-average ROI for owner-operators
  • Movable assets / suitable for site selection and area success

Costs Specifications

The investment requirements are VAT exclusive. Indicative and varies depending on factors such as existing kitchen infrastructure, venue, and operating costs and will be determined during the financial planning phase of the pre-operational project.

Rent or Own

Subject to vetting and financial capabilities

  • Finance – own cash 10% R50 000
  • Finance repaid daily
  • Stock COD only

License Required

  • COA – certificate of accessibility
  • Hawkers
  • Vat/company
  • Legal agreements and registrations
  • Supply agreement – SLA – franchise agreement – finance

Final approval

  1. Assessment of application and deal-making stages, full license fee payable before attending franchise training
  2. No less than 14 days after receipt of the welcome pack, more particularly the disclosure document, and upon our mutual consent, you will enter into an Urban Crust franchise agreement with the franchisor
  3. Payment of the full license fee must be made before your onboarding program and project activation commences. You will be afforded 10 business days after signature of the franchise agreement to exercise your rights in terms of s7(2) of the consumer protection act to cancel the agreement, upon receipt of your written notice to cancel, Urban Crust shall refund the joining fee without costs or penalties. Accordingly, no training will be provided or further steps are taken Urban Crust until the lapse of this period, whereafter, the license fee paid will be deemed to have been fully earned and no longer be refundable
  4. Once the franchise agreement has been finalised your onboarding program will commence and then book yourself into and complete your business management, sales, technical, and hands-on training at Urban Crust Sundowner
  5. In the background, the kitchen and site selection process will be underway and once a suitable site has been approved and the lease signed, your Urban Crust support specialist will co-ordinate your construction. At this point your final payment is due
    Your Urban Crust is ready to open
  6. For more information visit

Combo stores are available!

Combine any two of our container/express stores. Urban Crust, Fish ‘n Chicks, or Urban Kota.